Engage California

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Lightapp’s “Engage California” program will provide a factory with:

  1. Up to $5,000 worth of hardware for compressed air monitoring (covers power meters, flow meters, pressure sensors, and cellular communication equipment) when signing up for a subsidized $100/month Lightapp subscription.

    1. The plant will complete a 30 minute facility mapping with their Lightapp representative to help determine the meters and sensors required to correctly monitor the compressed air system.

    2. A plant is required to install this hardware within 120 days of receiving , otherwise returning the equipment to Lightapp.

    3. Once data is on Lightapp, the plant will complete a 30 minute session with their Lightapp representative to set up their desktop and mobile Lightapp accounts, as well as review the data collected thus far.

  2. The factory can add unlimited meters and sensors, databases, users, and dashboards to Lightapp with no changes to software or service costs for the first year.