Engage Texas

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Lightapp’s “Engage Texas” program will provide a factory with:

  1. Free integration of factory utility mains meter data to Lightapp through Greenbutton or other database connections provided by the plant.

    1. Integration may cover electricity, gas, or water data

  2. Free software to analyze connected utility mains data will be provided by Lightapp in perpetuity at a monthly resolution.

  3. The factory will complete a facility mapping with their Lightapp representative to aid in the linking of meters to appropriate areas of the plant, lines, or machines.

  4. The factory is eligible for a subsidized subscription to Lightapp’s services for $1,200/year for the first year if established within 60 days of being given access to your Lightapp account..  Throughout the year long subscription the factory can add unlimited meters and sensors, databases, users, and dashboards to Lightapp with no changes to software or service costs.

  5. Upon completed payment for a one year subscription, the factory is eligible to receive a $2,000 credit to purchase hardware (meters, sensors, etc) through Lightapp.

  6. The factory can choose to terminate subscription services at any point during the year with no refund.