IoT is hard work, Lightapp is easy.



Leave the whiteboard behind and get out on the plant floor. Use your phone to schedule and track work orders, collaborate, manage your inventory and keep up to date on machine and system performance.



Bring all of your machine data into one, secure place. Don’t worry about the make of your machines or what historian you use, we'll make sure it's all there for you.



Discover insights and relationships that you never knew existed. 

Use energy optimization to reduce energy costs, and production optimization to improve processes. Use both to cut your energy costs to the bare minimum while improving your production in the process.



Estimate when a piece of equipment or critical process is likely to fail.  

Real-time readings and alerts paired with historic data allow you to identify and preemptively repair questionable machines, reducing costs and enabling maintenance to take place during scheduled hours.


Decide where money is best spent, and guide your organization to optimal performance. 

Build unique machine and plant KPI’s and compare them to past achievements, industry best practices and equipment ratings set by the OEM to determine where improvements can be made.