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Project Engage


A program for manufacturers.

Manufacturers need to get lean to stay competitive and we believe that they can save resources while they do it.

To prove it, we partnered with UC Berkeley, MIT, and the University of Chicago to validate our software by deploying in 100's of plants from all industrial verticals.

Over the last year, we’ve saved manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars and cut just as many tons of carbon emissions.

Moving forward, we think we can do even better.

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What do you get when you join Project Engage?

Lightapp is a platform that uses real time data from the shop floor to inform decisions and engage employees. Lightapp provides a wide range of solutions for automatically gathering, measuring, verifying, and analyzing data about plant performance.

Lightapp optimizes resource allocation across the plant by taking into consideration energy drivers and production resources to create insights and workflows that guide operations.  

In addition to optimizing resources, machine learning and AI algorithms can be deployed to understand machine status and run predictive maintenance, helping to reduce plant downtime by moving from reactionary to pre-emptive actions.  

A Software and Process Validated by the California Energy Commission and 3 Top Universities

Today's policymakers are looking to energy efficiency to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels and address climate change but our understanding of how individual behavior influences energy historically has been poor. Project Engage is helping to narrow that knowledge gap using Lightapp to conduct the world's largest demonstration and evaluation, to date, of an innovative energy monitoring system for industrial facilities.

Deployed across 100+ manufacturing facilities to measure the effects of resource analytics software and promote new energy policy, Lightapp is an empirically proven cost-effective approach to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A Proven Step Towards Becoming a Smart Manufacturer

Dated maintenance practices and increasing competition across all manufacturing verticals is creating the need for real-time monitoring and analysis of plant resources to thrive as a manufacturing business.

Lightapp’s numerous energy and production modules are a great way to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and data that can be used to save money and improve operational efficiency.

Why Do Most Start with Compressed Air?

Compressed air is necessary to maintain production, expensive to produce, and often wasteful given that leaks and inefficiencies do not provide an immediate danger to people or the manufacturing process.  This makes it an ideal example to show how real time data and internet of things on the plant floor can be leveraged to improve efficiency and save money.

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