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Our Technology

lightapp’s software platform for energy and operational performance management dramatically reduces operational costs and risks enabling improved operating profits and enhanced sustainability. Leading organizations deploy lightapp’s software solutions as a centralized manufacturing performance, sustainability system of record, and realtime analytics to lead and maintain sustainable growth and create competitive advantages.
lightapp’s customers include: Teva, ATG, CCBC, Tnuva, Starplast, Tandus, Taro and many more.

Industrial big data platform

lightapp is a unique software platform dedicated to data collection, analysis and targeting of industrial manufacturing operational data.
Our cutting edge technology enables new competitive edge to manufacturers through data analytics and management knowledge enrichment which translates into exceptional operational performance, cost reduction and extraordinary boost in profits.
Customers use our tools to analyze, create, discover, leverage, and share data collected from their shop floor controllers, sensors and meters or from their transactional systems (ERP, MES, WMS, EMS, etc…).
Intuitive user interface coupled with best in class data enrichment collection and sharp analytics makes lightapp implementation in the organization fast as excel on steroids and allows for rapid ROI.

Our business model

our unique software requires a unique business model. lightapp is served on a SaaS (software as a service) business model. No business is too big or too small, if you are a manufacturer of goods, any goods, we have a solution for you. We measure our customers (and our value thereof) through their annual resource cost under management or by sites. We don't limit users nor data streams. The more users on lightapp from your organization the more value you will get. same goes to data streams, the more data you bring in the more value you get. scalability is built-in, expanding to more production lines, plants and geographies is easy.

Unlimited users, unlimited data streams, responsive reports and alerts, custom dashboards, 24/7 support services and Scheduled monthly builds releases, Optimisation templates included and real-time dashboards for engineers.

Among our customers:

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