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Lightapp has revolutionized the way manufacturing organizations consume resources, specifically energy. We do it by exposing key performance indicators that previously were considered impossible. Our solution unleashes value through data collection, analysis and management process automation.
  • Rapid to deploy
  • Easy to learn
  • Powerful to use
See how Alliance Tire Group (ATG) are using lightapp to realize the value of energy management.


Lightapp's breakthrough product is the best system enabling operational excellence. Easy to implement and learn, lightapp's cutting edge web client will enable you to get the insights you need for operational improvements immediately.
See how easy it is to create insights and operational efficiency with lightapp.

Seamless integration

lightapp's intelligent data agents easily connects and collects data from any data source in your operational facility, from electricity meters to ERP systems.

Analysis and Insight

lightapp easily enables you to get the operational insights you need from your data via cutting edge, user friendly web interface. You will be able to customise your own dashboard, set KPIs, view trends and evaluate costs and ROIs in no time.


Unlimited amount of users and sharing options enable every stake holder in the organisation to send, receive and share all the insights they need, exactly when they need it.


lightapp's system enable you to easily set real time alerts for thresholds, as well as receive timely reports right to your email!


Industrial energy usage is rarely optimal. Though part of this waste is inevitable, the majority of waste could be reduced significantly via managerial attention, operational changes and, sometimes, infrastructure and equipment maintenance and calibration. Lightapp's industrial energy intelligence system quickly identifies and focuses on avoidable losses, enabling you to reduce waste and costs.
It is not enough to measure energy consumption Let's focus on this plastic injection line, measured via Lightapp's system. On Nov. 30, the consumption was 4.99 MW/H. On Dec. 1st, the line consumption was 7.3 MW/H. Which is better?
Energy consumption measurement is worthless without measuring what the energy is used for. Now, let's add production data to this graph.
On Nov. 30, the manufacturer produced 10 Tons of product, and during Dec. 1st, production was almost 20 Tons.
This gives us a clearer picture:

Now we can measure line efficiency: Though energy consumption was considerably higher during Dec. 1st, production efficiency was much better! (367 W/ Kg compared to 481 W/ Kg product).
Via Lightapp's cutting edge interface, we focus on the production behaviour, and get the insights we need to improve production efficiency, as well as all production lines. These are just the basics.
From measuring chillers to air compressors and steam supporting systems to production machines, Lightapp's world leading system lead our customers to operational excellence.


Industry consumes a third of the energy in the world. The opportunities to offer value and save energy with Lightapp’s cutting edge software are limitless. Lightapp is looking to partner with the best companies to expand it’s global reach.
Become lightapp’s partner and get a SAAS platform to offer customers tremendous value, and be the leader in the growing area of Energy Intelligence. The partner leverages their customer base, and consulting capabilities, and get’s unprecedented growth and opportunities for recurring sales.
Lightapp offers three types of partnering:
Type Main Role A good fit for
Sales Partner Refers customers to Lightapp. Sheperds the sales process through to successful closing. Individuals or companies with a strong client base in the industrial sector.
Implementation Partner Takes charge of the sales process. Does a majority of the implementation hand in hand with lightapp. A company that sells sensors or controls or companies that provide hands on energy efficiency services to the industrial sector.
OEM Partner Is responsbile for the customer and for setting up the software. Provides Tier 1 and 2 support. Companies that sell Software to the industrial sector.